A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a short little 3D platformer game that I made that is inspired by the popular mobile app Geometry Dash. There are a few levels that you can play through and there is also a level editor that will allow you to create your own custom levels.

I made this project to test my knowledge of OpenGL so I don't have any intentions of updating the game anytime soon but the source code is available here:

Game: https://github.com/JLi69/geodash3

Editor: https://github.com/JLi69/geodash3-editor

It's licensed under GPLv2 so feel free to mod the game and add new features (my code is a mess though).

Install instructions

Download and extract the game for the platform that you use.


geodash3-linux.tar.gz 7 MB
geodash3-windows.zip 9 MB
geodash3-editor-linux.tar.gz 876 kB
geodash3-editor-windows.zip 949 kB


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GEODASH 3D FAN #1!!!!!!!!!!!